my experience on silver airways was the most unpleasant,leaving from MCO was just okay but my return flight was awful. Im very interested in the airline and I am more concerned about QOL than pay. I was on your flight, you caught my buddy and I walking the ramp in TPA. Anyway, the Silver Airways staff at the airport were friendly. The Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224, filed a public comment opposing Republic Airways request to allow pilots to operate its aircraft with half the flight experience hours currently required by the FAA. A Teamsters Local 1224 spokesman declined to elaborate on terms of the agreement, specifically pay increases and quality of life improvements that were negotiated, but said they were encouraged by the progress that this agreement brings.. I had no issues fitting my full size carry-on into the overhead. Only done a turboprop twice. While I always gaze out the window when flying, theres something more fun about looking out the window on a turboprop. When coming back, we were My second flight ever was in and out of that gate, going to Nassau via Ft Lauderdale on a prop plane. The photo quality is amazing. By helping Silver Airways and the Broward County Board of Commissioners come to an agreement, Teamsters not only helped preserve the jobs of 150 pilots, but also the livelihoods of hundreds of families in south Florida. They dont force people to upgrade, you put the upgrade whenever you feel ready. from 8 AM - 9 PM ET. The quality of life is good here, however the pay is suffering and not bringing in enough pilots. IATA code: DL; ICAO code: DAL ATC callsign: "Delta". :). Most helpful comments ( as chosen by the OMAAT community ). [16] In September 2013, Silver Airways announced an expansion of its intra-Florida and Florida-Bahamas network. It reflects the true value of these pilots and sends a clear message that you can have a lifelong career in . (WILMINGTON, OH) The Silver Airways pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1224 (APA 1224), today announced that they have ratified a Pay and Retention Letter of Agreement that provides for significant pay increases and retention bonuses. Because there was no other plane, once we were finally be told the flight was canceled, I could have rented a car and driven to my destination of Fort Lauderdale and that's not an exaggeration! I've only flown it once though. Once selected, the pilot needs to remain employed by Silver Airways, upgrade to captain, and build at least 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time. Just using my iPhone, which I use for all photos nowadays. I'm also based in Tampa and am thinking of taking that same flight with a one-year-old in a few weeks. 121 Longevity Match. About 30 minutes after takeoff we began our descent. The following is an overview of all Silver Airways flights and destinations: Anguilla. Thanks Ben! In this position you will work with a diverse team of aviation professionals and you will be the primary interface with several outside companies that provide contracted pilot training services to . Emerging Aviator Program Im curious, do yall prefer the new or old livery? Star Marianas Air, Inc. Sterling Airways. In 2021, Cape Air received roughly $2.4 million per city for service to Wolf Point, Glendive and Havre. While some of the incentives in the LOA will expire December 31, 2023, the pay scale is considered ratified until the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement which expires October 1, 2025. View job description, responsibilities and qualifications. The Silver Airways 2022 Pay and Retention Letter of Agreement can be found here. The Grid is continuously updated with current information and additional airlines' contracts. One of my all time favorite flights was thirty+ years ago on an Embraer 110 from FLL to EYW. This post just unlocked some memories for me: I adore TPA gate A1. Pilots based in AFW will also receive a $300 monthly living allowance. See more about our ethics policies here. so good to read trip reports again! Silver Airways and its unionized pilot membership have ratified a new contract agreement, the Fort Lauderdale-based carrier has announced. Silver Airways and its unionized pilot membership have ratified a new contract agreement, the Fort Lauderdale-based carrier has announced. Silver operates a fleet of 22 highly reliable and fuel-efficient 34-seat Saab 340B Plus turboprop aircraft under its FAA Part 121 air carrier certificate. C: How many pilots does your airline expect to hirethis year? In the past Silver Airways was also heavily focused on Essential Air Service (EAS) routes, whereby airlines get government subsidies for flying in underserved markets. The Valley AXA. With forecasted retirements, its no secret that the demand for highly qualified pilots will grow over the next several years, said JP Thibodeau, Frontiers chief pilot. More than 96% or 15,000 members of the Allied Pilots Association voted in favor of authorizing the union . This applies to ANY wildcat actions, including slowdown, work-to-rules, withdrawal of enthusiasm (WOE), sickouts, etc. The terms of the new agreement extend the current . I think Silver still has a few Saab 340s in the fleet, which are not as nice as the ATRs, but I think they are mostly being relegated to island hopping out of SJU these days. While the regular security line was probably the longest Ive seen at the airport in quite a while, there was no wait at TSA PreCheck. The views on departure were great, but once you go inland theres not all that much to see, other than swampland. Theyre doing SJU helping seaborne with the operation so jr people are sent to SJU company pay your hotel and DH you back and forth between Puerto Rico and your base. In addition to it numerous recruiting programs, Silver Airways also offers a robust compensation package, including competitive salary, a $12,000 hiring bonus; $2,500 pilot referral bonus for current employees who refer new pilots; fast upgrade time from First Officer to Captain; and pilot bases with day trips in desired Florida destinations, including Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa. Irrational I know, but. IHG Rewards Premier Business Credit Card Review: Worth Will Americans New York To Doha Route Survive? The person checking me in was friendly, and within a couple of minutes I had a boarding pass to Fort Lauderdale (for what its worth, I had checked in online the day before, but hadnt printed a boarding pass). J: It usually takes 2-3 days before the applicant isadvised of the outcome. Silver Airways is leading the industry with numerous innovative partnerships and a robust compensation program, all designed to provide men and women interested in pursuing a pilot career with the necessary tools and opportunities to make their dream a reality by removing many of the career uncertainties that pilots face as they begin their airline careers, as well as pathway programs to ensure long-term career progression. The commitment of our pilots to safely and reliably transport our passengers and enhance the success of our growing cargo operation, is unparalleled in my airline career, said Steven A. Rossum, Silvers Chief Executive Officer. It is always a good start for anapplicant to have knowledge of and familiarizethemselves with Silver Airways, our bases, andwhat type of planes we fly. Down at A1 was a huge gate area that even had some desks, and perhaps most exciting of all, what might be the lowest traffic bathroom in the entire terminal. I fly every week and buy my tickets through This program and our partnerships with these highly regarded and respected regional airlines will become an important element of Frontiers overall strategy to fulfill our pilot staffing needs in the future, said Jim Nides, Frontiers vice president-flight operations. We were going straight on a cruise. Airline of Choice for Florida, Bahamas and Cuba Leading the Industry with Innovative Pilot Pathway Programs. Pilot contract right now union filed mediation. After submitting a application I was contacted for a phone screen interview and then was scheduled an online interview 2 weeks later. I have been looking into Swift Air from MIA, but decided to check out this forum to see what people are saying. To kick off our trips to Turks & Caicos, I first had to get from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale. Silver has built and continues to grow its network of airline partners, which today includes codeshares with JetBlue, United Airlines, and Avianca, as well as interline agreements with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines, Bahamasair, Hahn Air, Azul Brazilian Airlines, and All Nippon Airways. That was the best travel description that I have ever read. Great company to work for. First time very disconcerted to be seated practically adjacent to the furiously whirring propeller! 1806 pilots have participated in the Voluntary Early Out Program. [19] Then, Silver Airways closed much of its Atlanta network and redeployed its aircraft to other markets. The application period is now open for the Teamster 2023 scholarship awards! I flew Silver from Orlando to Pensacola a few years back. Unlike some other regional airlines in the United States, Silver Airways operates flights independently, though the airline does have codeshare agreements with American, JetBlue, and United. It is against the APC Forum Rules to advocate any labor action which is not authorized by the RLA/NMB. Both rates are now at the top of the pay scale for the regional airline industry. Second time was a flight DUB-EDI operated by a contractor to AerLingus. C: What kind of questions can an applicant expect tobe asked? C: Do you tell applicants they are hired in person thatday? "It is good to see a collaborative effort in negotiating and implementing changes that directly benefit both the company and its workforce.". [36] In November 2019, Silver Airways created a codeshare partnership with Delta Air Lines and American Airlines to provide single ticket booking with baggage transfers to destinations in the Caribbean. Through this incentive, all pilots who fly within the airlines passenger operations will receive a 10% override applied to the block or actual hours flown meaning, the first year hourly rate for a First Officer would effectively become $57.23 and the rate for a first year Captain would effectively be $101.21. Also, assuming you guys transition to the ATR pretty quick, do you still expect fairly fast upgrades, and by fast I mean by a year or so if you have the legal hour requirements. Preselected a seat well in front of the prop~ can never be too careful, hey! This was in October 2002, and I went with my father to a work conference. Silver Airways. [6] The company had been operating as Continental Connection on behalf of Continental Airlines. [11] Service began from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to destinations in Mississippi and Alabama. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. I have a class date in May and would be happy to answer more questions once I get through training. I flew Silver a few times (never by choice) and one of them was the worst flights I've ever been booked on. Brother Ben, don't leave us hanging! The aircraft still had the new plane smell, and this was the freshest looking turboprop cabin Ive ever stepped foot in. Phone: 937-382-0201 The Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224 is the certified bargaining unit that represents all flight crewmembers employed by the following airlines: 2754 Old State Route 73, Wilmington, OH 45177 Step 2 - Join the Silver Airways pilot training program - Emerging Aviator Program. Silver Airways PAYSCALES CAPTAIN PAY SCALE (Hourly) FIRST OFFICER PAY SCALE (Hourly) PAY CALCULATOR (Click and drag the sliders) Pay Rate: $150 Credit Time: 75 Hours Bid Periods: 1 Percentage: 1 $11,250 PAY NOTES Monthly Pay Guarantee for Line Holders: 75 hours Monthly Pay Guarantee for Reserves: 75 hours Scheduled pay raises: 1.5% Yearly Once in the terminal I headed over to Terminal 3, for my JetBlue flight to Turks & Caicos. They sold my return ticket away,even though l had a seat plus a boarding pass. Never ever ever again will use this airline. Being able to offer a greater degree of certainty to a new pilot as he or she considers a pilot career is a big deal. Silver Airways serves 12 domestic destinations and 16 international destinations in 10 countries, as of May 2023. Jet Edge International. It took over 8 hours to be told. I flew Silver from Orlando to Pensacola a few years back. Silver was one of the first U.S. airlines to begin regularly scheduled service to Cuba in over 50 years and is the only U.S. airline awarded the right to serve all nine Cuban destinations beyond Havana. I find it curious how infrequently there is any discussion of turbo-prop air services in the US. For the lowest paid co-pilot on Mesa Airlines earning about $22 per hour, this imbalance works out to $6.80 an hour for a 60-hour work week. So they are no help. There are gates where you scan your boarding pass, and then you get on a quick train ride to the airside. Seems like QOL is good over all, with mostly day trips once you get out of MCO? Did they not arrest you for taking a picture HAHA. Congratulations on this historic pay increase for the Cape Air pilots! J: The applicant should study the rules of the runwayand basic pilot general knowledge. This new partnership helps address our future pilot staffing needs while providing pilots entering the workforce a certainty for their careers.. C: If the TMAAT question being asked does not applyto that applicant can that question be skipped? Not a fan of "loud" graphics, and the new livery is much more subdued. Great write-up, Ben. The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered. Perhaps it's just that in the US these services, such as Silver are not in the big 3 world. Major unions have lost court cases and in one instance suffered severe financial damage in the process. J: Tell me about a time you supported a policy thatyou disagreed with? Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), Machine Tools, Metalworking and Metallurgy, Aboriginal, First Nations & Native American. Great Review! The Wichita Airport Authority leased 10,691 square feet in the air cargo terminal to Trego-Dugan Aviation who is contracted to sort and load Amazon packages bound for their next destination. Under the partnership, Silver and Frontier work together in recruiting and interviewing new pilot candidates. I've flown them a few times out of TPA and it's generally been a pleasant experience. Silver Airways and Seaborne Airlines today announced that Silver's acquisition of Seaborne's business and assets has successfully closed, creating a leading independent airline to serve the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, and beyond. I flew Silver about a week ago. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. C: Do you recommend that applicants get to yourheadquarters city the day before and get a hotelroom for the night? Glad they kept the pink tail. They never answer my emails. One of my all time favorite flights was thirty+ years ago on an Embraer 110 from FLL to EYW. I was left stranded for 2 days in Tampa. How noisy was the flight on a turbo prop? ALPA and Delta Air Lines have opened Section 6 negotiations for the Pilot Working Agreement. Pilot Shortage. Airline Pilot Central MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands 909 N. Sepulveda Blvd, 11th Floor El Segundo, CA 90245 To: [email protected] Name: Email: I congratulate Silver Airways and the pilots on the ratification of this agreement, said Joe Muckle, APA 1224 President. Review: Silver Airways ATR42-600 Turboprop, Review: JetBlue Embraer E190 Economy Class, Turks & Caicos Entry Requirements: My Experience. Best Captain Pay Rates for a Regional Airline. C: What can you recommend applicants study forthat test? Thats one of the big issue with the pilots now theyre sending people to the ATR by seniority plus flying in PR and seasonal summer flying in Bar Harbor starting in may, Its gonna be interesting how they gonna run the show! Airline . "The new wage increases and significant improvements to the retirement program are a major victory for pilots at Republic Airways," said Teamsters General President Sean M. O'Brien. Eventually it should be all ATR fleet 42 and 72 and may be some saabs flying cargo for fedex in the caribbean. The airplane was the cleanest Ive ever been on. [13], In Late 2011 Silver Airways began a new operation in Montana serving eight cities from a hub at Billings. Airline operating around 100 daily scheduled flights between gateways in Florida, the Bahamas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia. Why are runways often oriented perpendicular to the shoreline? Silver Airways Frontier Airlines Pilot Career Program. Silver Airways offers a bonus of $17,000 to newly hired pilots, and a high season bonus paid to all pilots every September, currently $4,000 that increases $4,500 in 2023. I was sent the PIRA forms and was asked to complete a technical assessment which was 40 multiple choice questions, mostly general IFR and VFR flight rule . Some of these earning options include: These incentives are in addition to other bonus programs, such as the annual High Season Bonus, which was ratified in the current CBA completed last summer. ", "Silver Airways is clearly committed to its pilots and understands the benefits such an agreement can contribute to the potential for future growth," said Greg Unterseher, Teamsters Airline Division Deputy Director. They tend to be a good deal cheaper, too. My brand new luggage had been demolished! I think we desee a better airplane for the cost we pay. And on return flight my mom had a international connection with Copa and she was told she needed to pick up her suitcases at the carousel before going to copa counter. Silver Airways It is against the APC Forum Rules to advocate any labor action which is not authorized by the RLA/NMB. Amazon Air flights will be operated by Silver Airways using an ATR 72-500 aircraft and operate daily between Wichita and Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW).
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